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JS West Celebrates 100 Year Anniversary

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JS West has accomplished a very rare feat this year. They are celebrating one hundred years of being in business.

Vice President and fourth generation family member, Jill Benson, was the KVML “Newsmaker of the Day” on Wednesday.

According to Benson, her Great-Grandfather, James Stewart West, came to Modesto from Nebraska in 1909 and began business by selling sacked grain, seed and coal.

The JS West business structure has had several arms of business and selling diversity. At various times during the last one hundred years, JS West has been known to sell ice, eggs, hardware, lumber, automobiles and furniture.

Benson said at the very core of their business, is both energy and food, which will always be needed by central California and motherlode residents.

JS West currently employees 275 individuals, with about one third of the employees working in the propane division.

Benson said that her family has managed to avoid family in-fighting because they all love each other and recognize each person’s strengths and weaknesses. Her brother, Eric Benson, is the President.

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