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Lopez Charges Help Bring Closure To Fire That Destroyed “Big Whiskey”

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Jamestown, CA — When the home built in the late 1970’s by Hollywood location scout Tom Doyle was destroyed by fire on July 18th, 2008, current owner Kari Faughnan and her family had to document the 500 antiques and movie props that had either been destroyed or were missing.

“Still to this day, I am heartbroken because it was like a museum” says Faughnan. “I have received an overwhelming amount of letters from people who have stayed there. In fact an e-mail was sent to the previous owner’s daughter from Clint Eastwood in which he said “the house was priceless,” which was very heartbreaking.”

The house was deemed “Big Whiskey” by Eastwood while staying at the residence during the 1992 filming of Unforgiven. It featured an outdoor bar and wide views of the mountains. Other house guests have included Michael J. Fox and Mary Stuart Masterson.

“I’ll always be thankful for the time that I was given to live there,” Faughnan adds “The house is irreplaceable.”

Escaped Sierra Conservation Center inmate George Lopez allegedly started the fire. The home was unoccupied when firefighters arrived on scene. Lopez was captured on July 22, 2008 and was found possessing items that had been taken from the residence.

It was nearly a year later that charges were eventually brought forth. “I was starting to lose hope, but I do really believe in the justice system,” says Faughnan. “I believe now that they will get this guy and he won’t get back out and harm anyone else.”

Faughnan gives high praise to the Sheriff’s Office detective assigned to the case and the District Attorney’s Office.

An arraignment date for Lopez has not yet been scheduled.

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