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Calaveras Detective Hit By Partner’s Bullet Fragments

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Railroad Flat, CA — Updating the story regarding Wednesday afternoon’s detective shooting in Railroad Flat, the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office and District Attorney’s Office have concluded Detective Rick Dibasilio was injured by a bullet fragment fired by his partner, Detective Wade Whitney.

The two detectives approached 29-year-old Michael Thompson (pictured) who was working under the hood of a stolen white Chevy Camaro at 5915 Railroad Flat Rd. at 3:45pm. As the detectives announced their presence, Thompson ran from the front and into the driver’s compartment. Detective DiBasilio tried to prevent Thompson from starting the car by reaching into the vehicle.

Thompson was able to start the Camaro, placed it in reverse and stepped on the gas. Detective DiBasilio hung onto the vehicle in order to maintain his balance and avoid being run over. Detective Whitney then fired multiple rounds through the front windshield. Thompson was subsequently struck several times in the upper torso and the car stopped. A fragment of a bullet also lodged into Detective DiBasilio’s shoulder.

There is not an indication that Thompson was armed. Investigators conducted a records check on Thompson and found that he is a prior convicted felon and has been sentenced to state prison. In addition, Sgt. Dave Seawell says Thompson was found to have a history of obstructing/resisting arrest, possession of controlled substances, felon/addict possessing a firearm, as well as probation and parole violations.

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