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T.U.D. Seeking Immediate Help

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Sonora, CA — The Tuolumne Utilities District is seeking immediate help from the county in obtaining a stay on the state proposed implementation of the 401 certification.

Several years ago a number of parties including P.G.& E. and T.U.D. formed a collaborative effort to establish agreements for resource protective measures. This would include environmental, water and recreational resources.

Now, though, the state is seeking to set a major portion of that agreement aside. T.U.D. General Manager Pete Kampa comments that the State Water Resources Board wants to incorporate a fixed water elevation at Pinecrest Lake rather than the flexible draw down curve that had been agreeded upon by the collaborative effort. The latter would be based on the water year and the needs of T.U.D. water users.

In addition T.U.D. completed hydrologic modeling of the system of the state proposed system and it demonstrated that in eight out of every 10 years the fixed lake elevation would not work for the T.U.D. system and subscribers would run short on water supply.

Kampa stated that the issue has become a political football because the state wants to pump more water into the Delta. Kampa concluded, “It’s definitely politics and we’re playing the political game right back at them. We have Senator Dave Cogdill and Assemblyman Tom Berryhill in our corner. It’s a crazy time at T.U.D. these days.”

Kampa added it is imperative that T.U.D. appears before the State Water Resources Board as soon as possible with summer right around the corner. The Board’s next meeting is Tuesday in Sacramento.