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Summerville Student Wins $10,000 Savings Bond For Essay

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Tuolumne, CA — Summerville High School student Sierra Torre has won a $10,000 savings bond as part of a national essay contest put on by the Fleet Reserve Association.

Students were asked to submit an essay that answers the question, “What the flag means to me.”

“Basically I wrote about what I feel when I see the flag,” says Torre. “I wrote about how hard American’s have struggled to get where they are today and have the freedoms that we have.”

Torre’s English teacher Karen Shaw says, “She’s an excellent student and to have her place so high in such a contest is very exciting.”

A excerpt of Torre’s essay reads, “So many came here hoping for a bright future, so many left America to fight and defend it, so many devoted their lives to make the United States the best country it could possibly be. From the time America was young in the late 1700s to now, the flag that represents this great country went under many alterations, but one thing remained clear in the design of our flag; all those hopes and dreams were poured into the design of fabric to fly proudly and to never be diminished.”

The non-profit Fleet Reserve Assocaition is comprised of current and former enlisted members of the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps., and Coast Guard.

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