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TuCare Looking For Ways To Keep Mills Open

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Sonora, CA — TuCare plans to lobby lawmakers in hopes of finding funding to help the two soon to be closing Sierra Pacific Industries mills.

“Before these mills shut down, we want to make sure that we turn over every stone that’s possible to find any way to keep the mills open,” says TuCare President Mike Albrecht. “In that effort we are going to meet with Congressman Radanovich, Senator Feinstein, Assemblyman Berryhill, Senator Cogdill and their staff people to examine any and all alternatives.”

TuCare plans to look into whether federal stimulus money is a possibility. “We’ve watched our government bailout corporate giants back east,” adds Albrecht. “They’re all important, and so are we here in rural America.”

Two S.P.I. mills, including the one in Standard, are set to close in July.

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