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Chamber Of Commerce Reacts To S.P.I. Mill Closure

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Sonora, CA — When he first learned of the announced July closure of the Sierra Pacific Industries mill at Standard, Tuolumne County Chamber of Commerce President/CEO George Segarini commented, "This is devastating."

Segarini added that "The closure will cause a double trickle down effect. Initially it is the loss of income for those that will be losing their jobs and the effect it will have on their families. The local economy will be affected because these families will be spending far less of their disposable income with local merchants." Sierra Pacific Industries, Standard, CA

Segarini then added, "The second half of the equation is the lost income for S.P.I.’s vendors, the truckers, the loggers, etc. Their loss of income could easily include additional lost jobs within the community along with a reduction in disposable income spent in Tuolumne County."

"If there is any bright side to what has happened it is that the mill and all its equipment will remain in the area and hopefully economic conditions will change so that a full operation will be realized some day down the road."

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