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Zelinsky Wins Big On “Price Is Right”

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Sonora, CA — 21-year-old Sonora High grad Brandon Zelinsky has won “a new car.”

Zelinsky attended a taping of the “Price is Right” on his 21st birthday, which recently aired on CBS.

“You don’t know ahead of time that you’re going to get called,” says Zelinsky. "It is so loud in there that they have to hold up a card with your name.”

“I actually wasn’t paying attention when they called my name, so my buddy nudged me a little bit. I saw my name and ran up there, giving everybody hugs along the way,” he says.

Zelinsky won a 2009 Ford Focus by playing the game “Pathfinder.” It is a comprehensive game in which he had to figure out the price of the car, which was $16,872. He says he enjoyed interacting with host Drew Carey, who playfully commented on his tie dye shirt.

Zelinsky has yet to receive the vehicle, but says the show has 90 days to deliver it. He says he plans to drive it around for awhile, and maybe eventually sell it.

“It was a pretty good birthday present,” adds Zelinsky.