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Sierra Nevada Snowpack Continues To Grow

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Sacramento, CA — The Sierra Nevada snowpack continues to grow with every storm that moves through California.

Monday the Department of Water Resources will conduct its "first of the month" measurement but up to date figures are already available.

Overall the state is showing a 25 percent increase in the snowpack from January to February. The January measurement was 61 percent of normal. Wednesday’s measurement was 76 percent.

In the breakdown of the three regions, the northern Sierra Nevada has increased from 49 to 73 percent, the central Sierra Nevada (Mother Lode) has jumped from 63 percent to 76 percent and the southern Sierra Nevada has moved from 68 percent to 81 percent.

In a further look at the numbers, the northern Sierra Nevada snowpack has increased 48 percent from January to February, the central Sierra Nevada 21 percent and the southern Sierra Nevada 19 percent.

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