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Sonora Author Recalls Radio And Music Industry During Seventies

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Sonora, CA — Sonora author Gary Granger made a pact with his good friend “the Judge” back in the seventies; if one of them lived through the era he would write a book about the experiences.

Granger’s work is entitled, “Doc and the Judge: Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll and a One Eyed Scratch Golfer.”

The book is set primarily in the South during the seventies when Granger and his friend "the Judge" were making their way up in the radio business, and FM radio was coming into prominence. It recalls encounters with Keith Moon shortly before the rockers death, trading tobacco with Howard Cosell, and personal conversations with Martin Luther King.

In the introduction, he writes about what readers may take from the book:

“Perhaps you’ll find some semblance of your own life here. Close your eyes and relax… there. Now open your eyes and relax, now read on… it’s important we remain steadfast, focused. This ride goes back to a time of great tumult, great joy, incredible and memorable music, deep faith and conviction, along with a smattering of breathtaking recklessness. You’re going back to a time where youthful exuberance, skin tight leather pants and unabashed excess were the currency of the day.”

The primary focus is the friendship of Doc and the Judge, and the pair’s experiences during an era of great change.

An excerpt about the Judge reads:

“Needless to say the Judge had his pick of bartenders and cocktail waitresses. He never left a tip of less than $50 and if the bill was more than $100 then the tip equaled the tab. I remember on one particular occasion giving the Judge $125 as the tip for a $125 dollar tab.”

“Doc and the Judge” is geared towards more of an adult audience.

“The book is written in the unbridled language of the seventies that the Judge and I spoke,” says Granger “It is part of the honesty and purity of the book.”

“It is not there to be sensational, but if it were not written in the straight language it would not be an honest portrayal,” he adds.

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