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BOFG School Board Has 14 Days To Schedule Recall Vote

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Groveland, CA — The Big Oak Flat-Groveland Unified School Board now has 14 days to schedule a recall election before action is taken by the County.

A petition drive to recall Bryan Berger, Lillian Cravens, Charles Day, Dave Gookin and Mary Kelly began shortly after the Board put Tioga math teacher Ryan Dutton on leave late last year.

The recall paperwork was submitted to the Board Wednesday night by County Clerk and Auditor-Controller Debi Russell.

“It went very well,” says Russell. “What I´ve been told is that they plan to have a special meeting within the next 14 days to call an election, and they are not going to wait for me to have to call the election.”

Nearly 1,200 signatures were collected on recall papers for each of the individual members. The recall vote is expected to be held in May and be conducted by mail.

Written by BJ Hansen