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Man Arrested Following Altercation With Police: Officer Suffers Broken Rib

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Sonora, CA — A 29-year-old Sonora man was arrested Wednesday evening following a physical altercation with a female and members of the Police Department.

At 8:30pm officers were dispatched to the 200 block of Mono Way for a report of an assault. Police Chief Mark Stinson says officers could hear items being broken as they approached the residence, and a man abruptly appeared in the doorway, identified as Nicholas Gus Dolman.

Dolman appeared angry and was bleeding from the mouth. After ignoring verbal commands from the officers, Dolman attempted to run from the residence. At this point, an officer deployed his department issued Taser.

Stinson says Dolman picked up a chair and started swinging it at the officers, so the Taser gun was utilized a second and third time. He was physically taken to the ground and resisted arrest until he was handcuffed.

During the altercation an officer was struck in the side and later had to be transported to Sonora Regional Medical Center, where it was learned he suffered a broken rib.

Written by BJ Hansen