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Council Approves Parking Ticket Increase

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Sonora, CA— The Sonora City Council met last night in a relatively short meeting, according to Interim Sonora City Administrator Tim Miller.

Miller says the Council adopted a resolution to implement a $3.00 surcharge on vehicle parking violations.  The state imposed a $3.00 fee when the recent budget was approved. These funds will be used for future courthouse rehabilitation.

“The council also authorized the purchase of three new Police patrol vehicles partly funded by the city and partly funded through a USDA grant,” said Miller. “The total purchase for the three vehicles including both city and grant funds, is approximately $111,000. They replaced one vehicle that was wrecked and two others that are older and had very high mileage.”

Also on the agenda was the adoption of the City of Sonora’s Annual Financial Report. The finance department provided routine year end audits that were consistent with earlier discussions regarding budget adjustments for the fiscal year.

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