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Surprise Bus Inspections At Yosemite

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Yosemite Valley, CA– Yosemite National Park along with the CHP, held a surprise inspection for all commercial tour buses in Yosemite National Park last Friday.

The purpose of this unannounced inspection was to ensure visitor safety through safe operation of the buses and reduce chances of accidents, injuries and fatalities involving tour buses bringing passengers into the park. Inspections are designed to determine if buses are in compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Violations may result in fines or taking a bus out of service immediately.

On the day of the inspection, Yosemite Park Rangers and CHP Officers examined 30 commercial buses. Out of 30 inspections conducted, 18 buses were found to be safe with no violations and were released without citation. A total of 12 minor “fix-it” tickets were written. Additionally, two buses were taken temporarily out of service for logbook violations. No buses were taken out of service for mechanical problems.

Yosemite National Park receives approximately 4 million visitors per year with approximately 300,000 of these people arriving on tour buses.

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