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Inside Tuolumne County Government Series: Economic Development

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Sonora, CA — In his latest blog on the inner workings of Tuolumne County government, board chair Karl Rodefer writes about the importance of supporting economic development efforts.

Rodefer notes that the cost of sustaining government services increases annually, and state and federal allocations have not kept pace.  He writes, “The expectation for continued loss of State and Federal monies means our local tax base and hence our economy needs to grow meaningfully in order to cover the expected increased cost of providing County services.”

The blog notes how the Tuolumne County Economic Development Authority was instrumental in helping to reopen the Sierra Pacific Industries Mill in Standard, and the trickle down effect it has had on revenues. As that entity has disbanded, the city and county are now starting to chart their own paths.

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Rodefer’s first blog focused on fiscal realities, followed by balancing the budget, setting priorities and employee compensation.

Next week’s blog will be about the housing market, and the final one in two weeks will tie together all of the blogs.