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Cities Need State To Pass Budget

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Sonora, CA – The City of Sonora has scheduled a study session to discuss its upcoming 2010-11 fiscal budget for the period that starts July 1st.

City Administrator Greg Applegate says much of the city’s finances will depend on decisions made at the state level. Considering that it may be late in the summer before California lawmakers come to consensus, many of the city’s decisions are subject to change.

“Because of the state’s inability to pass a budget, we’re putting ours together with glue, bailing wire and duct tape,” says Applegate. “Unfortunately it can come unraveled very quick.”

Applegate says it will likely be another tough budget year for the city. The City of Sonora’s sales tax revenue has been down around 9.7 over the past year.

A City of Sonora budget hearing is scheduled for June 7th.

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