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Mele And Memmer Square Off

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Sonora, CA — Come June 8 it’s a two man race to see who will serve as Sheriff for Tuolumne County.

Sheriff Jim Mele and challenger Tom Memmer had the opportunity Thursday evening to sell themselves to the public during "Meet the Candidates Night" sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce at the County Administration Building.

Mele commented that he has had to deal with the most difficult budget since the Great Depression, but his Office has still found the means to not reduce service to the 56,000 residents of the County. Mele added that one of the great success stories has been the way in which his Office has been able to connect with the populace through more than 20 Town Hall meetings.

Memmer discussed his plans if he is elected. The Viet Nam veteran stated that he has a simple platform using common sense solutions. He stated that he is anything but an advocate of the proposed $253 million Law and Justice Center. He would like to see the Sheriff’s Office moved to the Tuolumne General Medical Facility once the Avalon Health Care Facility is completed. He would also like to incorporate retired law enforcement personnel into his staff at no cost to the public. 

Memmer criticized Mele for being an advocate of the Law and Justice Center but Mele countered with the comment that he only wants a new jail. He stated that he is not pushing for a new courthouse, a new District Attorney’s office or a new facility for the C.H.P.

Mele and Memmer both asked the public for its vote with the latter commenting that the last time around the race was decided by only 117 votes.

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