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Railtown 1897 To Open

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Jamestown, CA — Railtown 1897 will officially open for the new year this weekend.

To kick off the first day of operations on Saturday the public will have the opportunity to attend the Early Bird program that will start at 7am in the Roundhouse. At that time the crew will light the fire and prepare the locomotive for the day. The locomotive is actually started with the tossing of a burning rag into the firebox. Then the crew works to fuel, lubricate and water the engine as the boiler is slowly brought up to temperature.

This weekend the steam-powered excursion trains will be leaving on the hour from 11am until 3pm. The six mile round trip through the scenic gold country lasts approximately 40 minutes. This weekend ONLY all trips are FREE with proof of residency in either Tuolumne or Calaveras County. 

Saturday and Sunday there will be railcar rides, tours of the historic roundhouse and demonstrations of the historic belt-driven machine shop.

The official ceremony to open the new year is set for 9:45am.

Click RAILTOWN 1897 for additional information.

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