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Not Exactly A Rosy Forecast

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Sonora, CA — By nature Tuolumne CAO Craig Pedro is anything but a pessimist but at the same time he is a realist when he takes a look down the road at the economic forecast.

"Looking at reports from the National Governors Association and the State Budget Officers Association, these are the major conclusions from the states throughout the country that the biggest impacts of the Great Recession are yet to come.

It’s out of those reports they’ve studied history and it shows that the greatest impacts on their budgets come in years one, two and three after the recessions have been declared done. It takes awhile for those revenues to hit bottom and before the economy builds up again that these are just ripple effects on states."

Pedro will discuss this forecast and other county and state economic issues on Mother Lode Views this weekend.

Mother Lode Views will return to a Saturday and Sunday schedule this weekend on AM-1450 KVML with a 9:30am Saturday airing and a repeat at 8:30am Sunday.  Mother Lode Views can also be heard on 93.5 KKBN at 8am Sunday and an hour later on STAR 92.7.

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