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Radanovich Hopes To Keep Cabins Affordable

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Washington, DC – Congressman George Radanovich is co-sponsoring the Cabin Fee Act of 2010.

The legislation would establish a new fee structure for family owned cabins on National Forest lands, including the Stanislaus National Forest.

Currently a family that owns a cabin must pay a leasing fee of five percent of the estates value. The price of land near popular tourist destinations, like Pinecrest Lake, has steadily increased over the years.

Under Radanovich’s proposal, for property valued over $200,000, the lease would be capped at $4,000.

“For generations families on the Sierra and Stanislaus National Forests have been enjoying the recreational opportunities afforded to them through family owned cabins,” says Radanovich. “These cabins should not become unaffordable because of a fee structure that is based on subjective appraisals.”

The legislation is co-sponsored by Republican Doc Hastings of Washington.

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