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Congressman Garamendi Praises Health Care Bill

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Congressman John Garamendi believes that his vote on the Health Care Bill, may be the most important ever as a public official.

Garamendi was Friday’s KVML “Newsmaker of the Day”.

The former California Lt. Governor and State Insurance Commisioner is now a member of the US House of Representatives from California’s 10th Congressional District.

Garamendi was raised near Mokulumne Hill in the Chili Gulch area of Calaveras County, where he still has property.

The Congressman is both anxious and excited over this vote as he touts the numerous benefits of the Health Care Bill. 

Citing several statistics, Garamendi points to a report by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research that shows that nearly a quarter of all Californians are currently without health insurance. From 2007 to 2009, the number of uninsured in California rose from 6.4 million to 8.2 million.

As a result, says the Congressman, many unemployed Californians may go without essential health coverage, increasing the health risk to themselves and their families and the costs of our emergency care system.”

Garamendi also pointed out another report from the House Commerce and Energy Committee that demonstrates what health care reform will do specifically for Garamendi’s constituents in California’s 10th Congressional District.

According to the report, if health care reform is passed:

•9,000 people in Garamendi’s district with preexisting conditions will be guaranteed access to insurance
•30,000 uninsured residents will be able to attain coverage
•Tax credits to buy coverage will be made available to 106,000 families and 13,100 small businesses
•1,400 families will avoid bankruptcy caused by health care expenses
•52,000 young adults will be able to attain coverage through their parents plans

Garamendi said, “At the end of the day, this debate boils down to two questions. Do we stand with the millions of people without coverage and millions more one pink slip away from health care ruin? Or do we stand with the entrenched interests who will do all they can to stop reform to maximize their profits at the expense of patients? I believe every American deserves access to affordable health care coverage, and I will do all I can to make that happen.

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