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Cogdill Honored

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Sacramento, CA – Senator Dave Cogdill was honored Tuesday.

The American Society of Civil Engineers named Senator Dave Cogdill “Outstanding Legislator of the Year” in recognition of the Senator’s continued commitment to rebuilding California’s infrastructure.

Cogdill commented, “Investing today in our crumbling infrastructure has both immediate and lasting benefits to our state. In the short term this investment will create critically needed jobs in the private sector. In the long term, we will have the infrastructure in place to encourage economic growth in California. I’m proud to receive this honor from the A.S.C.E. because they’re the ones literally doing the heavy lifting to rebuild our state.”

The Senator’s recent legislative accomplishments relating to infrastructure include SB x7 2 which improved the state’s water supply safety and reliability. This measure builds upon legislation that Senator Cogdill has carried for more than three years to implement reforms to California’s water supply and delivery systems.

Cogdill was also the force behind SB x2 4 which expedites and lowers the cost of infrastructure projects by allowing public-private partnerships and design-build authority.

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