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A Radanovich Response

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Washington, D.C. – 19th District Congressional Representative George Radanovich expressed this reaction to President Barack Obama’s first State of the Union address Wednesday evening.

“Tonight during his State of the Union speech President Obama sent the American people a number of mixed messages on his commitment to creating jobs and growing our struggling economy. On one hand the President said he wants a jobs bill to help jump start the private sector but on the other hand many of his ideas are just more government spending that we can’t afford. These suggestions only temporarily prop up the private sector and lead to further economic uncertainty in the future. We need a jobs bill that incentivizes small and medium size businesses to grow and create jobs on their own, not more debt enhancing government subsidizes.”

The Mariposa Republican added, “After the overwhelming referendum on President Obama’s key policies in the election of Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate, the President continued to push for job killing and economy ruining legislation like government run health care and a national energy tax. These pieces of legislation are the worst possible prescription for an ailing economy. The American people recognize that but apparently this President still does not.

While I was pleased to hear the President call for a freeze on some discretionary spending, let’s not forget that this is the same President who has proposed to add $14 trillion to our national debt over the next decade. A spending freeze is only as good as the President’s word, which means he must be willing to use his veto pen if Congress sends him appropriations bills that exceed his freeze.”

In a further reflection Radanovich commented, “The talk of changing the way business is down in Washington and not bowing down to special interests sounds good in a speech, but I have yet to see this Administration or the Democratic majority adhere to those principles. Backroom deals, kickbacks and payoffs to states, unions or other special interests were at the heart of passing a cap and trade bill in the House and a government takeover of health care in both chambers of Congress. I can only hope that the President intends to uphold the principles he spoke about tonight regarding changing business as usual in Washington.”

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