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Road Conditions Improving

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Sonora, CA — There were a number of traffic hazards and spinouts throughout the night, but most everything has now been cleared and removed.

Crews are still on scene removing a tree from Hwy 4 near Arnold.

There’s also a tree blocking the eastbound lane of Hwy 108 near Long Barn.

An interesting situation occurred in the area of Big Hill Road at about 9:30 Friday night. Multiple tour buses carrying some kids reportedly got stuck on Old Oak Ranch Rd.

One bus went in the ditch, while others got stuck behind. A bus still remains in that area, but all of the people inside have been transported away. No injuries were reported.

Road crews were out through the night hoping to ensure that motorists can get to their destinations safely today. Motorists should be aware that there are slick spots and black ice is prevalent in areas.

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