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Westside Trail Remains Closed

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Sonora, CA– Due to a land slide last spring, a portion of the Westside Trail on the Mi-Wuk Ranger District in the Stanislaus National Forest, remains closed.

Forest Service officials say the Westside Trail in located approximately 2.3 miles in from the Tuolumne trailhead.

“Approximately 250 feet of trail has been affected by a major slumping of the landfill in the Nell’s Gulch area and the trail that crossed on top of this fill is not safe to use,” said District Ranger Ann Denton. “The trail is open from both ends but no longer connects.”

Denton says the public should continue to be cautious near this road and trail system.

“Last Thursday a group of engineers and land managers met at the site of the slide to discuss what should be done to mitigate the hazard to the public,” she said. “We will now weigh our options and determine the best course of action.”

Options include removing the land fill and rerouting the trail, or coming up with a plan to stabilize the slide area.