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Illegal Possession Of Firearms

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Jamestown, CA — A convicted felon was arrested in Jamestown for illegally possessing firearms.

The Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office carried out a search warrant Saturday afternoon at the home of 35-year-old Virak Raingsan on Berry Lane. Sheriff’s Office Spokesperson Sgt. Jeff Wilson says nine firearms were seized, including AK47 and AR15 assault rifles. Also located were five ballistic helmets, three Kevlar vests, ammunition and several martial arts type weapons. Sgt. Wilson says Raingsan has prior felony convictions and cannot legally possess firearms.

Officials are not completely sure why Raingsan had so many weapons. Sgt. Wilson says it appears he may just be a gun enthusiast and liked to collect the items. Information about how the Sheriff’s Office learned about the weapons has not been released.

Sgt. Wilson notes that during the execution of the search warrant, a stolen vehicle was also located on the property.