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Worldwide Campaign Comes To Sonora

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Sonora, CA– A movement that started with anti-Wall Street protesters in New York City has now spread to cities all across the nation, including Sonora.

Over 100 people “occupied” Courthouse Park Saturday morning to protest corporate greed and economic inequality.

Although “Occupy Sonora” has a Facebook page with over 30 members “liking” it, no group has been identified as the organizer of the event.

Sonora resident Ray Liedlich proudly held a protest sign under the downtown shade trees. 

“What I’m doing here is joining the people all over the country and even the world, to try to regain power for the people,” said Liedlich. “And clearly under the current governments in both parties, that’s not the case. That’s what we want, to have both parties come together for the good of the people, and not the 1% but the 99%.”

Dominic Torchia of the Tuolumne County Democratic Club was also on hand for the event, and said the mass injustice has got to stop.

“We’re just here in support of the whole effort to bring attention to the shortcomings of what Congress is not doing and what is not happening in the country with education and health care and everything else,” said Torchia. “We’re just left holding the bag and we bought it all for them. They got all the bonuses, they got all that money, they get the stock options, and we get nothing. America has got to come back to the people.”

“Occupy Sonora” started at 10:00 am and lasted well after 2:00 pm.

“In the sixties I was married and didn’t get to demonstrate, said one protester who would just  give her first name Toni.  “Now I’m in my 60’s and I want to demonstrate. I am so passionate about this.”

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