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$1.25 Million In Storm Damage

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Sonora, CA — Three major storms over recent months accounted for a combined $1.25 million in unexpected costs for local Tuolumne County government agencies.

The Tuolumne County Supervisors voted 4-0 this morning to request both a state and federal disaster declaration related specifically to last week’s storms. The most recent storm system did over $718,000 in damage. Roads that encountered mudslides or other damage included Italian Bar Road, Lyons Bald Mountain Road, Borden Road, Harper Road and Wards Ferry Road. The Groveland Community Services District encountered sewer line and water flume damage, and the Tuolumne Utilities District had damage to its Eureka Flume. The County Roads Department also spent long hours removing debris from roadways.

There were thousands without power across the Mother Lode. 28 volunteers from the Red Cross assisted at three warming stations.

By requesting a state and federal disaster declaration, Tuolumne County could become eligible for funding to help reimburse costs. If not, the county and local agencies will be required to pay the tab. The vote was 4-0, as Supervisor Dick Pland was absent. No community members spoke in opposition.

The other heavy storms accounting for damages occurred in November and around President’s Day.