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Prepare For Freezing Temperatures

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Sonora, CA — T.U.D. is asking residents to be prepared for freezing temperatures in the coming days.

“If people have not prepared their home for freezing temperatures, please do so,” says Lisa Westbrook, T.U.D. spokesperson. “It can really save you money, and save the District’s water supply.”

Temperatures are expected to dip down into the 20’s in the lower elevations in the coming days. T.U.D. encourages all water customers to wrap water pipes with insulating material. Cover them with plastic and secure with tape, string or wire. Also, remember to disconnect garden hoses. Outside faucets and pipes in unheated garages and crawl spaces are most vulnerable to freezing weather.

It is also important to find the main water shutoff valve. If a pipe breaks, you can stop excessive water loss and flooding by turning off the main shutoff valve. T.U.D. does not recommend leaving the water running to avoid pipe freezing.