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Funny Money Hitting Mother Lode

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Tuolumne County, CA – The stores are jam packed on this biggest shopping weekend of the year. One area merchant says, “Watch out”, there is some funny money showing up in the Mother Lode.

The Owner of Pierce Antique store in Jamestown wants to warn area merchants. Rick Pierce has first-hand knowledge that someone is passing counterfeit one hundred dollar bills. He says, “Someone came into our store to make a purchase and paid with an old style hundred dollar bill. When we went to make a deposit at the bank they said it was counterfeit. They said they had received another hundred dollar bill that looked just like it and sure enough they brought it out and it even had the same serial number ending in 95.”

Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Spokesperson Jeff Wilson has this tip for merchants, “If you get counterfeit cash, the best thing to do is to turn it over to law enforcement. That way there can be an investigation into how you received it and possibly we can trace it back to the source.”

Wilson says many times the person paying with the fake money isn’t even aware it’s counterfeit, it is change they got back and that is how the phony money keeps circulating.