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Tips To Avoid Shopper Rip-offs

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Many people are hitting the store for all the deals this Black Friday, but make sure you don’t end up a target of thieves. Calaveras County Sheriff’s officials remind shoppers some people are not there for the bargains. They are there to rip you off.

Sgt. Chris Hewitt gives us some tips to safe shopping saying, “When you’re in a crowd of people be observant of your surroundings. Know where your purse or wallet is at all times. Do not leave your purse in a shopping cart. It only takes a second for someone to grab it. Also, keep an eye on your children. You will be in a large crowd so keep your children near you at all times so they don’t go missing.”

Hewitt also says do not leave packages in your car in plain sight that creates a crime of opportunity for thieves. He advises shoppers to park in a well lit area and do not park in isolated area far from the store or others.