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California Is Mixed On Illegal Immigrants Issues

San Francisco, CA — Voters say no to giving sate driver’s licenses and tuition breaks to illegal immigrants, but do support allowing them to become legal citizens if they meet certain criteria.

A new Field Poll shows 67 percent of voters support allowing illegal immigrants the right to citizenship if they meet certain requirements over a period of time. However, voters don’t think they should get the same rights as legal residents.

The poll found most voters were against illegal immigrants getting California drivers’ licenses by a margin of 56 to 40 percent. This comes just as Gov. Jerry Brown is considering Assembly Bill 2189 which would allow a portion of the state’s 2.5 million illegal immigrants to get California drivers licenses.

Voters don’t like the idea of giving illegal immigrants a tuition break at California universities. 61 percent are opposed while 33 percent support it. That margin gets even larger when it comes to illegal immigrants getting the same government health and financial assistance benefits as legal residents. Voter say no by a 65 percent to 27 percent margin.