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Music, A Big Crowd and Alcohol Don’t Mix

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Lake Tulloch, CA – Calaveras County Sheriff’s Officials say hot weather, music and alcohol can tend to hike the number of arrests at summer events. They report it did at the Bump Festival at Lake Tullock last weekend. Nearly 2000 people showed up to enjoy the lake, music and fun and 30 people got arrested. In total arrests, there were 20 for public intoxication, five felony and five DUI’s.

Calaveras County Sheriff’s Sgt. Chris Hewitt says “I wouldn’t say things got out of hand. When you gather a large group of people to a small area arrest can happen.” Hewitt adds “You have an increased presence of people visiting the county combined with an increased presence of law enforcement the odds go up that we are going to make a higher number of arrests.”

15 deputies worked the festival along with the California Highway Patrol and the state department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

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