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Budget Talks Continue

Sacramento, CA — California Lawmakers expect negotiations with Governor Jerry Brown to heat up this week.

Kristin Olsen, a Republican Assembly member for District 25, was Wednesday’s KVML “Newsmaker of the Day”.

Facing the possibility of losing their paychecks, California lawmakers passed a 92 billion dollar budget late last week. The vote was along party lines, with most Democrats in favor and Republicans against. Friday was the Constitutional deadline to pass a new spending plan.

“Voters wanted an on-time, fiscally responsible budget passed by the June 15th deadline, and this budget is anything but,” claims Olsen. “For the last two years Democrats have passed a gimmick-filled, majority-vote budget that doesn’t pass the smell test in order to keep receiving paychecks.”

Democratic leaders had a different take on the new spending plan.

“It is our responsibility and our duty to the people of California to pass a budget that is balanced, intelligent and compassionate to those who are struggling in tough economic times,” says Darrell Steinberg, Senate Democratic leader. “While this budget includes massive cuts in all areas of government, we will continue working with the Governor to resolve small but important differences in the coming days. As we do so, we can mark the end of the era of interminably late budgets. That is good for the public and a positive sign for economic recovery.”

While the budget was sent to the Governor, lawmakers failed to take action on nearly two dozen trailer bills detailing where the cuts and new revenues will come from. It will result in ongoing negotiations. A contentious issue between Republicans and Democrats is how deep to cut the state’s welfare to work program and other social services. Democratic lawmakers are also relying on the Governor’s tax measure to pass in November.

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