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RV Set Ablaze

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Tuolumne, CA – An RV will go up in flames this weekend in the Tuolumne area as fire officials prepare for the coming festival and camping season.

The Tuolumne Fire District is teaming up with neighboring departments on Saturday, May 11th to conduct a live fire training at the end of Bay Avenue near Cherry Valley Boulevard in Tuolumne. Fire Chief Nick Ohler shares, “We’ve got a couple of vehicles we’re going to practice on including an RV. The goal is to get our staff and neighboring agencies working to together; get familiar with the equipment and work on our skills.”

The drill will start at 5 p.m. with an RV donated by Vic’s Towing to be lit on fire several times to allow for firefighters to train on extinguishing the flames. Chief Ohler says camper fires have increased in recent summers with new festivals and venues opening in the area. He elaborates, “The Strawberry Music Festival was a big one with lots of RV’s, so we felt it was just a good time to get more training on this as normally we don’t get that in this county other than the actual incidents that we have. We just want to work on safety and practicing fighting fires safely.”

Smoke will be visible in the area for several hours. Chief Ohler notes that the exercise is purposely being done away from the public in an isolated cul-de-sac for safety. He requests that if smoke is visible that people do not call it in as a fire.