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Phone Scam Advisory

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San Andreas, CA — The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office is issuing an advisory regarding a scam that has cheated at least one resident out of $2,600.

A Calaveras resident received a call from a person who sounded like, and claimed to be, their grandson. The perpetrator told the victim that their grandson had caused a vehicle accident, was now in jail in Canada, and needed money wired to them.

At least one person was also contacted in Sonora, according to police department logs. The report said the person calling also claimed to be an injured grandson but was in jail in Mexico.

This type of scam is known as an “It’s me” scam. The Sheriff’s Office warns that “Phone scammers are very good at what they do.”

To prevent being scammed it is advised that individuals never blindly follow the directions of people who call them on the phone and always verify claims before wiring money. If people claim to be in custody, then find out the name of the facility and call to confirm if the subject is indeed in custody.

If you feel that you have become victim of a phone or telemarketing scam, report this information to your local law enforcement, the state Attorney General, and the Federal Trade Commission. For more information and to learn about common telemarketing scams and how to avoid them visit