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Extension Proposed For Redevelopment Agencies

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Sacramento, CA — A group of California lawmakers will introduce legislation that would delay the elimination of community redevelopment agencies.

Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation last year to end redevelopment agency funding effective February 1st.

The Associated Press reports that Democratic Senator Alex Padilla announced today that the proposed extension would push the date to April 15. It is unknown if the Governor would be willing to sign off on the idea, if it is approved by the legislature.

The City of Sonora receives over $400,000 a year in state redevelopment funding. Discussion about redevelopment funding is on the agenda for next Tuesday’s City Council meeting. The City is currently planning to hold a special meeting on January 30th to officially dissolve the agency.

Padilla’s proposed legislation is designed to give cities and counties more breathing room when it comes to ending redevelopment programs.

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