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Local Population Continues to Decline

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In a report released by the US Census Bureau Tuolumne and Calaveras county population numbers are down even though state population increased.

The Bureau’s estimate of the 2012 population in Tuolumne county is 54,008 down 2.5 percent from April 1, 2010. During that same time the state of California gained over 780,000 people, an overall increase of 2.1 percent. The 2012 Calaveras population estimate is 44,742 which is down 1.8 percent from April 1, 2010.

The population locally is also older than the rest of California. Children under 5 years in 2011 was at 4.1 percent in Tuolumne county, 4.3 percent in Calaveras and 6.7 percent in the rest of California. Those under 18 years old make up 17.1 percent of the population in Tuolumne, 19.1 percent of the population Calaveras and 24.5 percent in California. Furthermore those age 65 and over made up 21.1 percent of the population in Tuolumne, 21.8 percent in Calaveras and only 11.7 percent in the state.

The image is from the previous Census news story “Californians Leaving The State” here.