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Yosemite May Lose Funding

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A memo obtained by the Associated Press details how the federal sequestration cuts would impact national parks, such as Yosemite.

The US Congress and President Obama have until the end of the month to work out a plan to reduce the federal deficit, or the sequestration cuts will take effect.

The report shows that there are plans to reduce the amount of money spent to hire rangers, and cut back on invasive species eradication. The National Park Service earlier confirmed that it could delay by up to a month the opening of seasonal roads, such as Tioga Pass and Glacier Point Road. The National Park Service has a $2.9 billion budget, and could face up to a $112 million funding cut if a new plan is not passed in Washington, DC.

The memo also indicates that some National Park restrooms and visitors centers could be locked due to a reduced number of staff members.