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Yosemite, CA – Yosemite National Park wants you to voice your opinion on its new river plan proposals. The park has released two Wild and Scenic River Comprehensive Management Plan Draft Environmental Impact Statements for the Merced (MRP) and the Tuolumne Rivers. You can comment on both starting January 18th. The comment period for the MRP is 90 days, ending on April 18th. The TRP is 60 days, ending March 18th.

To comply with the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, Yosemite National Park must release management plans that adequately protect both rivers. Park officials say the top priority for the rivers is to make them accessible to visitors, while also protecting their natural resources.

Yosemite Chief of Planning Kathleen Morse says, “For both plans you’ll see a greater organization of parking and traffic flow. The Tuolumne River has a lot of off shoulder parking right now that is impacting the meadows there. The preferred alternative plan calls for some expansion of parking. It could include a small parking lot, but definitely an elimination of that roadside parking. That parking not only causes resource damage, but it also impedes the view of the meadow corridor from there. In the valley, for the Merced River, what the people will see is a more orderly traffic system. The preferred alternative has several fixes to our transportation system so that traffic flows more efficiently.”

Click here to view the MRP preferred alternative plan.

Click here to view the TRP preferred alternative plan.

Click here to comment on the MRP plan.

Click here to comment on the TRP plan.

Also, Park officials released a new video on Yosemite called “The Yosemite Inspiration”. Click here to view it.