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Tuolumne County’s Planning Department Revamps Fees

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Sonora, CA — Tuolumne County carried out a study of fees associated with its Planning Department, and revisions/increases made this week will boost the department’s revenues by $25,400 annually, or 16.5%.

Quincy Yaley, Assistant Director of the Community Resources Agency, stated at yesterday’s supervisors meeting, “We’re moving away from a model where the application fee was based on the valuation of a project and moving towards a model where the application fee is based on the level of CEQA analysis required. It assumes that the project will fall into one of three levels of CEQA analysis. They are a CEQA exemption (least amount of work), a mitigated negative declaration and initial study (moderate level of work) or an EIR (heavy level of work required).”

Another notable change, designed to help the county recoup more of the associated costs, is that if a planning commission decision is appealed to the Board of Supervisors the fee to do so is increased from $160 to $1,000.

The changes were approved with a 5-0 board vote.

To view how the fees compare to other counties in the region, click here.

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