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TCEDA Releases Records With Redacted Information To Perkins

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Sonora, CA — The Tuolumne County Economic Development Authority has taken an action in response to the transparency related lawsuit filed by local resident Ken Perkins.

We reported earlier that Perkins filed a lawsuit seeking public records that back up claims that the TCEDA helped generate tens of millions of dollars in economic benefits and assisted in over $392-million in investment projects. Deputy Tuolumne County Counsel Carlyn Drivdahl announced this afternoon the TCEDA has released the requested records to Perkins’ attorney, however, many business names and sensitive information have been redacted.

Drivdahl notes, “Much of the information was shared (with TCEDA) in confidence and there is a compelling public interest in encouraging frank communications with TCEDA without divulging how an existing business is faring or the future plans of current or prospective businesses while allowing the public to see the scope of TCEDA’s business outreach efforts.”

You can view the newly released public records below:

TCEDA Redacted Business List

TCEDA Redacted CEO Project Tracking

TCEDA Redacted Projects

TCEDA Redacted Business Tracking

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