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Rep. Tom McClintock Praises Tax Reform

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Washington DC — Local Congressman Tom McClintock recently praised the newly signed tax reform bill. He states it has the same pro-growth policies that Ronald Reagan implemented. McClintock predicts in four years it will be self-evident to every American that things are better and notes, “Indeed, the day President Trump signed the bill, companies across America began announcing bonuses, pay raises and major new investment plans in the American economy. And these announcements keep coming.”

McClintock has much to say about the benefits of removing the tax penalties for those who did not purchase health insurance and how economists predict the reform will lead to new economic growth adding $1.5 to $2 trillion of new tax revenues.

McClintock’s newest blog has more details and also points out a variety of tax calculators are available on the Internet so that every family can “see for themselves whether they personally benefit from the tax cuts – and by how much.” The link to a tax calculator is in his blog here.

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