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Hundreds Of New California Laws In 2018

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Sacramento, CA — Around 900 laws were passed by the California legislature last year and most are taking effect today.

Arguably the most high profile is the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. Adults over the age of 21 can possess up to an ounce of marijuana. Another new law is that pharmaceutical companies will need to start notifying the state at least 60 days before increasing the price of most prescription drugs. California officially becomes a sanctuary state, as local and state law enforcement officials are now more limited in cooperating with federal immigration enforcement. Minimum wage is now $11 per hour for workers at companies with over 25 employees, and $10.50 for smaller companies. Schools in the state are no longer allowed to deny a student lunch for failing to pay an outstanding meal bill, and tampons will now be provided free to students. In addition, first year fees are waived for students that enroll at one of the state’s 114 community colleges.

  • Governor Jerry Brown Signs Legislation
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