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Yosemite Sounding Alarm For Drivers To Watch Out For Wildlife

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Yosemite, CA – Yosemite National Park wants to alert motorists to slow down and watch out for wildlife, as there have been deadly consequences for one large animal in particular.

Park rangers say that already this year, five black bears have been hit by cars inside the park. To hopefully prevent any more wildlife fatalities due to vehicles, new signs are being put up around the park.

“Each “Speeding Kills Bears” sign marks a location where vehicles have struck a bear within the calendar year. When you see these signs, remember that the roads we use to travel through the park are also wildlife crossings,” advised park rangers.

Park visitors are asked to drive the speed limit on all park roads and use extra caution during dawn and dusk hours when wildlife is active and can be harder to spot. Rangers added, “You can all do your part in the continued protection of black bears and wildlife here in Yosemite and beyond.”