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Highway 120 Tioga Pass Will Open Next Week

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Yosemite, CA – Highway 120 Tioga Pass will open next week in Yosemite National Park and visitors are warned to watch out for wildlife on roadways.

Last month, we reported that the pass was not opened before the Memorial Day holiday due to May’s cooler temperatures.  On Monday, June 10th, the Tioga Pass Park gate will welcome visitors again onto Tioga Road, which is the continuation of Highway 120 through the park, by 7 a.m.

“All of the things that make Tuolumne Meadows such a special destination also make it a challenging place to open each season,” according to park officials.

Visitors will still find some snow and lots of water on trails, and hikers are asked to stick to trails so fragile ecosystems are not damaged. Visitors should stock up on supplies before setting off for the high country, as no food service or fuel is available and campgrounds have not yet reopened.

Park officials also warn, “Bears, deer, marmots, and birds have gotten accustomed to life without visitors, so please drive to posted speed limits and keep your eyes peeled for critters on the road.” One annoying pest eagerly waiting to greet visitors is the mosquito, so long-sleeve clothing is recommended for those bothered by the bug.

Regarding the need for reservations, park officials remind, “A reservation is required to drive into Yosemite on weekends and Juneteenth this month, every day from July 1 through August 16, then weekends and holidays through October 27—even if you are only passing through the park.”

Last month, Glacier Point Road opened to traffic, as did Highway 108 Sonora Pass and Highway 4 Ebbetts Pass, which Caltrans maintains.

  • Snow still on the ground in some areas of Yosemite