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Flora’s Bill Aims To Weed Out Bad Teachers

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Sacramento, CA — Republican Assemblyman Heath Flora is gaining bi-partisan support for a bill that he says will create more transparency and accountability in schools.

AB 2534 was easily approved in the Assembly and now moves to the Senate for consideration. It would mandate that applicants for certificated positions (those requiring teaching credentials) at schools provide a complete list of previous employers, enabling more thorough background checks. It would also direct local educational agencies to actively inquire about verified past complaints of egregious misconduct and share relevant information with potential school employers.

Flora says, “As a father of two daughters, I am passionate about parental rights and our children’s safety.”

He adds, “More transparency leads to more accountability and ultimately more safety for our kids.”

It is designed to ensure that hiring decisions are based on complete and accurate information, which he says will foster a safer school environment.