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Calaveras Correctional Officer Injured In Jail Scuffle

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San Andreas, CA — The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office reports that a suspect in the jail refused to follow jail staff orders, and then attacked an officer.

33-year-old Casey James Martin allegedly refused to return to his cell when directed to by an officer. When it became clear he was not going to comply, an official threatened to use a taser. Martin started following directions, but later grabbed at the officer, leading to the deployment of the taser. Martin then started attacking officers, getting on top of one, and delivering multiple strikes. Other officers then used batons to stop the fight.

Martin was eventually subdued and placed in his cell. He caused traumatic injuries to one of the officers, who had to be transported to a hospital for treatment. Martin now faces additional new charges, including resisting an officer, battery on a police officer, and making criminal threats.

The information was just released by the sheriff’s office about the incident that happened back on April 20 at 9 am.