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Abused Dog’s Miraculous Transformation

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La Grange, CA — The pup in the image box picture was one of 18 French Bulldogs found living under abusive conditions in Mariposa County, and while four had to be euthanized, plenty of care and love helped Paisley survive.

As reported here in September, Mariposa County Sheriff’s Deputies discovered the canines on a property outside La Grange. Felix Valdovinos was arrested at his Lorenzo Street residence and charged with felony cruelty to animals. Some canines suffered from oozing wounds and eye and ear infections, including maggots inside the ear, neck, and throat. Paisley had severe mange and was almost hairless. Her entire body was covered in scabs and was raw to the touch, as can be seen in the photos.

Paisley's condition when first brought to animal shelter
MCSO photo

“This little gal was quoted to be one of the greatest transformations by the vet that provided their initial intake exams,” disclosed sheriff’s officials.

Countless hours were spent assessing and evaluating the extensive process needed for her rehabilitation and recovery by the Friends of the Animal Community that provided and organized Paisley’s care.

“This wonderful outcome, along with countless others, was only successful due to their unwavering support!!” shared sheriff’s officials.

This was one of three animal neglect cases last summer in Mariposa County  The first abuse case was reported in July after several severely malnourished dogs, including puppies, were seized from a Mariposa County property, and one person was arrested. The second case also took place in rural La Grange in August, when seven emaciated dogs were discovered; all but one had to be euthanized, as reported here.

  • Felix Valdovinos being arrested by MCSO
  • Paisley getting better still not a lot of hair growth but all the soars have healed
  • Paisley's celebrates Easter all healed