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Local Judge Overrules State Attorney General’s Motion In Anderson Case

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Sonora, CA — The attorney for a Sonora doctor embroiled in a triple-vehicular manslaughter case earned a win when Tuolumne Superior Court Judge Kevin Seibert denied a motion from the State Attorney General’s office to pull the accused’s medical license.

As reported here, the request was scheduled to be heard today. Sacramento-based attorney Tom Johnson, who is representing Dr. Danny Anderson, spoke with Clarke Broadcasting after the hearing, expressing gratitude. Further explaining, he adds, “The Attorney General’s office sort of inserted itself into the case by asking that, as a condition of [Dr. Anderson’s] bail, that his license be restricted, and Judge Seibert found that there was not sufficient evidence in support of what they were asking for in the first place, and so the motion was denied.”

While Johnson explained that he could not speak to why the Attorney General’s Office brought the motion at this time “because it does what it feels it needs to do,” the grounds were purportedly based on the preliminary hearing, where the Attorney General’s Office did not attend and did not have a transcript. So, Johnson says, “There was not much argument needed from our side.”

As for next steps, he shared, “We have a trial date in late March and over the next five months we will be preparing for that — and we expect a fair trial — and beyond that I do not want to comment upon where the case is at, in terms of the evidence.”

Asked if the State Medical Board has moved administratively against Dr. Anderson’s license, Johnson noted that while it could it has not at this point.